My name is Jessica, but I go by Jess or Jesi almost 100% of the time. I’m 26 years old, even though I may never act like it! I am born and raised in Los Angeles, California and my heritage is Armenian with a mix of Greek, Russian, and Egyptian.

My Sign: Libra (October 5 is my birthday!)

Favorite Food: French Fries, or any type of potato to be honest.

Favorite Drink: Definitely black coffee.

A few things I enjoy: Laughing loudly, taking pictures, food is huge for me, hockey, pretending I know how to sing, drinking unnecessary amounts of coffee, fantasizing about mermaids, and of course all things beauty, fashion & makeup!

Around 2008 I discovered the beauty side of YouTube, watched videos of girls applying makeup and fell in love with it. I loved talking to myself in front of my mirror, pretending I was one of those YouTube girls talking to the camera. Until one day I actually created my first cringeworthy video. Since then I have worked toward turning my hobby into my career. So much has changed since first starting, and I could not be happier. As time goes by I only get more motivated to create better content to share with the world!

I was a self-taught freelance makeup artist, but I slowly transitioned into YouTube and blogging! I knew I wanted to eventually teach and get to share my ideas and personality with people, so this became the perfect way for me to do just that.

I want to share with you my knowledge and passion for all the things I love! I’ve dedicated this blog not only to makeup, but to beauty, fashion, and life in general.

I hope you enjoy!