BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Review

BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Review

Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil First Impressions

‘Tis the season for Limited Edition Holiday makeup sets, fa lala la la lala la la! Every year during the holidays makeup companies decide to drive me crazy with all the pretty makeup sets, and limited edition this, limited edition that! This particular set is by BITE Beauty and it’s their Best BITE Remix High Pigment Lip Pencils. If you know BITE, you know they’re all lip, and they do it well! This little set it exclusive to Sephora, and has already sold out online, so I’d rush to your Sephora and get on it pronto!

BITE Beauty created a cute little limited edition set of four mini lip pencils, that are tucked neatly away in a tin. It comes with some BITE Beauty favorites like Pomegranate, and Rhubarb, and limited edition colors in Winterberry and Sable. This Best BITE Remix kit is perfect for trying out some new lip products and it’s only $25! You can’t say no to that, it’s a prefect set to try out an array of lip colors from a bright red to a soft nude. These lip pencils are so creamy and pigmented, but they don’t stay super glossy on your lips, they has more of a creamy matte finish to them. BITE beauty sells the full size of these high pigment lip pencils for $24 each, which if you think about it is about price of this Best BITE Remix kit, and you get to try out more colors! I for one have so many lip products and have yet to really finish one entirely, so I really enjoy having small versions of products that I know were of good value and will still last me a while. Hey, if you end up finishing one, that’s when you know you really liked it so you can then buy the full size. Isn’t that the real point of any smaller set? Overall these BITE Beauty Lip Pencils are amazing and I totally recommend you guys get it while it’s still there, cause they are flying off shelves!

Best BITE Remix Product Pictures

BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil PackagingBITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Packaging OpenBITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Packaging Open 2BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencils

Best BITE Remix Swatches

BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Swatch

From top to bottom we have Pomegranate, which is a gorgeous rich red; Winterberry(limited edition) a pretty berry/raspberry shade; Rhubarb is a soft plummy mauve color, and Sable(limited edition), the perfect little nude pink shade.

BITE Beauty Best BITE Remix Lip Pencil Swatches

For more information, check out BITE Beauty’s blog on their holiday lip sets here.


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