Nail Polish: Color Club – Blue Heaven

Nail Polish: Color Club – Blue Heaven

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This color is just…Wow.

I have been searching left and right for ‘that’ holographic nail polish I kept seeing on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram and I believe I have found a winner!

The brand is Color Club and the color is Blue Heaven and boy is it heavenly. The brand, Color Club, has a whole line of holographic nail polishes in different shades that eventually I would love to try, but for now, this blue color really stood out to me.

As with most holographic style nail polishes, you don’t get to truly see the beauty until you shine some sort of light on it. The picture above is taken with flash and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the sun light as well. Definitely got a lot of compliments!

(Side Note: The Ying Yang was made with a matte black nail polish & nail stamp)

Here is a link to the Amazon page where you can check out more information, reviews, or buy it:

Color Club Holographic Halo Hues Collection (979 Blue Heaven)

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