Makeup Tutorial: Evening Look {Video in post}

Makeup Tutorial: Evening Look {Video in post}

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Hey guys! Check out my new YouTube video on this evening makeup look. I wanted to do a look using a mixture of high-end and low-end products to achieve a heavy, night time, makeup look. In this video I will be starting with a bare face and be finishing with a completed night time look, as shown in the pictures above. I will show you how to use certain products to accentuate certain features of your face using techniques like contouring and highlighting. It’s important to have the perfect base for any makeup look because having flawless skin creates a clean canvas to work on so your eye makeup stands out. My goal was to create a dramatic eye and lip combination for any type of going out or evening type situation. I hope you all enjoy my video and don’t forget to rate, comment, and subscribe on YouTube! <3

Here are the makeup and beauty products I’ve used in this video, as well as links to where you can buy them, if available online. Please note that I tried to find the best possible prices online at the time I wrote this article, but things might have changed from then. If you find a better deal online, let me know in the comments and I’ll update this list for you all, thanks!

Face Brushes:
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