Forever 21 Matte Blush Palette Review

Forever 21 Matte Blush Palette Review

Forever 21 Matte Blush Palette

Recently I came across this little palette at my Forever 21 store. I have had my share of disappointments with Forever 21 cosmetics, so I didn’t expect much from this palette. Nonetheless, I decided to try it out, and for about $9 you get 10 blushes; you can’t really beat that. This was either going to be a horrible mess or a fantastic and affordable find. Moments after purchasing I could barely wait to swatch this blush palette, and to my surprise, it was more pigmented than some of my higher end blushes. Shocking right? I couldn’t believe it either. All these blush shades are mostly different shades of pinks with an exception of a couple peach and more brown hued shades. A few things I noticed immediately about this palette is the packaging. It’s not the most heavy duty or most “expensive” feeling packaging, but it’s thin and sleek, which is fine for of course $8.90. All 10 of these blushes are matte, which I love for blushes, because I really enjoy highlighting on its own and this gives you a nice soft finish. A little warning, they are quite pigmented, meaning you definitely need to go very light handed when using these. Another thing I noticed, was the smell. It wasn’t a super strong smell, but at first opening, you can tell it has a slight plastic/Play-Doh scent. Overall this is a nice little blush palette for anyone wanting to expand their collection or just for fun. You can’t beat the price so I’m happy about this purchase!

You can get this at your Forever 21 store or online at


  • Great Value
  • Lovely Color Selection
  • Very Pigmented
  • Sleek Packaging


  • Slight Plastic Scent

Forever 21 Matte Blush Palette Swatches

Forever 21 Matte Blush PaletteForever 21 Matte Blush Palette swatchesForever 21 Matte Blush Palette 2 Forever 21 Matte Blush Palette swatches 2-Jesi


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