Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection Review

Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection Review

Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection

Recently I finished my little sample size Cobra mascara by Lorac, and while I did absolutely love the mascara, I wasn’t sure I was ready to pay $20 for a new one. So I went to Amazon.com (which is great because sometimes you can find some awesome deals especially if you have Prime), and I stumbled upon the Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection. It’s a 7 piece collection that includes 3 eyeshadows, a black eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and my favorite mascara, for only $36! What? The mascara alone is $20, so for $16 dollars more you get 6 more full sized products! I clicked add to cart so quick, I didn’t even look at the other items, I just bought it. Now on to the other products in this set. Overall I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of these products, I was expecting much less quality for the price but I can assure you they’re all great, except for one, the eyeliner. It’s not the greatest nor the blackest liner I have tried which isn’t really that much of a deal breaker for me. It’s just a mediocre liner, which I’m okay with. This collection comes with three single eyeshadow pots, which are a pretty champagne color, a matte mauve/taupe, and a gorgeous hot chocolate/with gold sparkles in it. They are pigmented and soft, and they’re definitely colors I use and love. Next is the blush, it’s in the shade Rosy Glow, a gorgeous rose pink shade with a slight shimmer. This blush is super pigmented, I have to remind myself to be light handed. Last but not least is the lipstick. I have actually been wanting to try this “Alter Ego Lipstick” collection by Lorac but wasn’t sure how good they were. Lucky for me I got a full size in a gorgeous shade, Duchess. It’s a pretty creamy nude pink, perfect for everyday. It’s creamy, pigmented, and smells yummy. Overall I am super impressed and happy with this collection. Even if there were a couple things you like, $36 is an awesome price for all of these products! If you’re interested on purchasing this you can find it here LORAC Blushing Beauty Limited Edition Collection

Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection Swatches

Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection 1Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection closeupLorac Blushing Beauty Collection Swatches

Eyeshadows swatched without primer (Left to right) Bordeaux, Mauve, Pink Champagne.
Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection lipstick

Alter Ego Lipstick in Duchess.Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection lipstick swatchLorac Blushing Beauty Collection blush

Powder Cheek Stain Blush in Rosy Glow.
Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection Rosy GlowLorac Blushing Beauty Collection Rosy Glow openLorac Blushing Beauty Collection Rosy Glow SwatchLorac Blushing Beauty Collection Cobra MascaraLorac Blushing Beauty Collection Eyeliner

3-in-1 Waterproof Eyeliner in Black.

Lorac Blushing Beauty Collection Eyeliner Swatch-Jesi


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